JupyterHub: Interactive Learning at Scale

Carol Willing


The Jupyter notebooks (formerly IPython notebooks) accelerated interactive learning and collaboration in the Python community. Just a few years ago, it was a novel to see a workshop taught with notebooks. Today, it's much more popular, and students benefit from manipulating the material through visualizations, video, audio, and prose (and code too). College courses, workshops, user groups, and teams can benefit from Jupyter notebooks. JupyterHub enables them to do it efficiently at scale. Using JupyterHub in teaching allows the installation burden to shift from the student to the instructor. Students can focus more on the material being taught and less on operating systems and configuration. Project Jupyter values its roots in scientific education. As such, we are continuously refining tools that will allow an instructor or an administrator to get up and running easily with JupyterHub. The poster will provide the viewer greater understanding about: - JupyterHub's value in teaching at scale - JupyterHub's use by students and learners - Deployment and management of JupyterHub by instructors - Specific resources available to the education community - A broad overview of JupyterHub's future direction