Wednesday 1:30 p.m.–3 p.m.

Clover Health: Transforming and Analyzing Healthcare Data with Python

Bijan Vakili, Joseph Leingang, Nicole Zuckerman, Vincent La


This workshop will give you an introduction to how we use python for testing, analysis, and processing at Clover. This includes a walkthrough of our tech stack along with a dive into two use cases. The first use case is from a Data Science perspective which will go over how we test SQL queries in our data pipeline. This will get into an example of statistical modeling in a particular insurance operations context. The second use case is from a Engineering perspective which will show how we transform nested JSON structures into consumable flat table structures. This will also touch on techniques for processing large amounts of data. Clover uses lots of python tools and libraries which we're happy to discuss. We rely heavily on Postgres as our primary database solution. However, this talk will highlight SQLAlchemy, Jupyter Notebook, pytest, generators, partial functions, and LRU caching. ## Outline/Agenda 1. Speaker Bios 2. Description of Clover as a company 3. Brief Outline of what we're going to talk about 4. General Tech Stack (how Clover uses python) 5. Use Case #1: Testing and Insurance Operations [presented by Vincent La] 6. Use Case #2: Transforming JSON in ETL processing [presented by Bijan Vakili] 7. Q/A ## Speakers Bijan Vakili is a Senior Software Engineer at Clover Health where he is building applications, improving infrastructure and mentoring developers. Prior to joining Clover, Bijan worked in currency and derivative trading, gaming, and network applications, and disaster recovery. He has worked in multiple roles including software developer, team lead, and project manager. Bijan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering & Human Biology from the University of Toronto and a MBA from University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management. Joey Leingang is an Engineering Manager at Clover Health where he focuses on engineering team leadership, scalable development, systems management. Joey has 14 years of development experience, including 5 years of engineering management, and has held technical roles at companies including: Sirono, Arizona Public Media, and the University of Arizona. Nicole Zuckerman is a software engineer at Clover Health, where she writes the endpoints and data pipelines to help surface better health care for members. She's also deeply invested in effectively on-boarding entry-level engineers, and improving diversity and inclusion in tech. In her free time, Nicole is an avid dancer and teacher, sci-fi book fanatic, soul and jazz aficionado, and cheese lover. She holds an MA in English Literature and Women's Studies from the University of Liverpool. Vincent La is a Data Scientist at Clover Health where he uses analytics to empower business decisions throughout the company. His focus areas include pricing of insurance products, measuring compliance of claims operations, estimating clinical impact of post discharge programs, and provider outlier detection. Prior to Clover he held positions at the Federal Reserve Board, Dartmouth College Department of Economics, New York Life Insurance Company. Vincent earned his B.A. Economics and Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude, from Dartmouth College, and a Data Mining and Applications Graduate Certificate from Stanford University. He is currently working to complete his Master’s Degree, Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology.